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Rent Ballroom Dresses – A Winning Dress Awaits

We had the great pleasure of outfitting Kelly, one of our new clients for the Embassy Ballroom Dance Competition. Kelly currently trains at the notable Dancing with the Stars professionals, Karina Smirnoff Dance studio in Woodland Hills.  The process started
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New Ballroom Dresses for Rent

Boy, Ohh, Boy – Have we’ve got a treat for YOU!  All I can say for now is Doré, Karolina Easley, and Chrisanne –  Oh Myyyy! We’ve got bags full of beautiful dresses to add to the website.  We’re steaming
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PART I: Ballroom Dress Rental – Be A part of the process.

Follow KEdancewear.com to get all the updates as this dress evolves into a beautiful ballroom dance dress for rent.  Yes FOR RENT… can you stand it!


With the high cost of professional dancesport trainers and competition fees, not to mention travel & hotel cost, ballroom dancers have a lot to handle before they even step out onto the competition floor.  KE dancewear is developing a ballroom
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