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Ballroom Dance Music featuring Thùy Chi

Today I was pleasantly surprised when I accidentally ran across a song by artist Thùy Chi that I thought would make a fabulous addition and collaboration to the ballroom dance world.   Definitely outside the box for American ballroom dancers, the choreographer with the creative insights to birth a dance using Thùy Chi’s song titled: “Nang co con xuan” is sure to turn all heads on the ballroom dance floor in an outstanding way.

Take a Listen for yourself…

How often do we hear the same songs over and over again with new choreography.  This would be a chance for some performer to shake the ballroom dance floor up with this fabulous Vietnamese song .  Yes, you heard me right; this song by Vietnamese singer songwriter Thùy Chi would be a sure hit.

Now there is some clever ballroom dance choreographer out there right now who is going to owe me a big thank you; so I’ll just go ahead and say in advance… Your Welcome and please contact me when your masterpiece is finished.  I’d love to design the couture garments for this fabulous performance and also post a video of it.  Take note that… Extraordinary results happen when you pair two things that may seemingly appear to be opposite!

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